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New Interns in Summer of 2021

Hanns Seidel Foundation (HSF) Korea continues offering internship experiences for aspiring specialists. May and June brought in three new intern researchers.

Recent or expected university graduates in fields relevant to the activities of the foundation have the continued possibility to apply for a research internship at Hanns Seidel Foundation Korea. Our interns have opportunities for participating in events with professionals of their fields, doing in-depth research and assisting in daily organizational tasks. The possibility to gain real experience in inter-Korean relations, environmentalism and development is guaranteed for interns at HSF.


In May, Erko Elblaus joined the HSF Korea office as a research intern, who has so far had the opportunity to attend and assist in multiple events, such as the 2nd joint seminar between SNU GSPA and HSF, which presented the challenges for public administration brought on by COVID-19, and the 2021 Goyang City Forum. In addition to writing articles and internal reports, Mr. Elblaus is also working on several research projects in relation to Estonia and the Korean Peninsula. Lea-Marie Dörre joined in June and so far has had the opportunity to attend events such as the 2021 Goyang City Forum and the 2021 Jeju Peace Forum. Ms. Dörre also provides translations for various HSF-related materials, writes articles on attended events and assisted in planning a seminar on the topic of renewable energy between Korea and Germany. Anja Molek joined HSF Korea in the beginning of July as a new research intern and has already begun assisting in all the tasks interns are regularly involved in, including writing reports, articles and translating documents.


In June, Youjin Cho and Haan Choi completed their internships. Mr. Choi assisted in organizing events and workshops, such as the KIPCO Korean-German Unification Academy and the EU Korea Young Scholars’ Workshop. In addition, Mr. Choi also wrote articles and internal reports, researched topics relevant to the activities of HSF, and contributed to day-to-day operational tasks. Ms. Cho also played an important role in organizing and attending various events, while also writing articles about the activities of HSF Korea. In addition, Ms. Cho designed promotional materials for events and turned extra attention to engagement through social media. Both research interns also actively contributed to translation tasks and other daily duties. As of June, Ms. Cho transitioned into a part-time assistant position. Through the experiences and relationships created, the internship has acted as a strong foundation for the future endeavours of many of our interns. Please remain mindful on COVID-19 related visa restrictions and apply at least 6 months ahead of the period you wish to intern in.