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International Cooperation for the Benefit of People and Nature: Sustainable Reforestation

  • Severe deforestation in North Korea has become a major concern and focus of HSF Korea’s work on the Korean Peninsula. The bare and eroded mountain slopes and hills display the hardship that especially the rural population suffers. HSF Korea supports sustainable reforestation with a focus on capacity building and has now released a factsheet to summarize challenges, approaches, and the impact of its activities in the field of sustainable reforestation in North Korea. 

Protection of wetlands in the DPR Korea: Transboundary Environmental Cooperation - Wetlands

  • Nature knows no manmade borders. Just how true that is becomes obvious when looking at migratory birds that are crossing the border at the demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea. The protection of migratory bird habitats is therefore also a way to connect people. HSF Korea has recently released a factsheet that summarizes the most important facts on the foundation’s transboundary nature cooperation projects in 2016.

DPRK Project: Conservation and rational use of wetlands in the DPRK

EU-Project: Improvement of rural living conditions through healthy forests