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Since 1987, Hanns Seidel Foundation Korea, stationed in Seoul, has worked on topics related to the inner-Korean process of reconciliation. In South Korea, this entails regional development, in which the border region (DMZ) is especially focused upon. In North Korea, HSF attempts to contribute to the peaceful development of the region through activities that aim for international integration and cooperation in matters concerning the environment. By offering a diverse range of activities, HSF Korea has become a trusted partner in both South and North Korea.

The Korea Project Office is composed of a team of competent professionals who work together in the management and implementation of country programs and projects, in cooperation with local partner organizations. It is headed by a Resident Representative who is primarily responsible for the overall operational and administrative guidance and supervision of the plans and activities, as well as in developing and nurturing alliances and partnerships with relevant agencies or institutions, both public and private, at the national, regional and international level.

The Resident Representative is assisted by local Program Specialists, who are in charge of the main programs/projects in the country through a close cooperation with the local partner organizations in the areas of planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of joint program/project activities. The Resident Representative is also assisted by a team of local staff in areas of accounting, finance, office management/maintenance and communications.

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This video is a brief overview of our activities on the Korean Peninsula.

Team and how to find us


Resident representative of HSF Korea: Prof. Dr. habil Bernhard Seliger

Project manager: Young-Soo Kim

Project coordinator: Soo-Jin Lee

Senior researcher: Dr. Hyunah Choi

Project Manager DPRK: Rebecca Reinecke
e-mail: /

Regional Project Coordinator: Minjae Baek


※ Those who are interested in doing an internship at Hanns Seidel Foundation Korea can send a Statement of Purpose and Résumé to


Hanns Seidel Foundation
Korea Office
13 Hannamdaero 20-gil,
#401 (Sooyoung Bldg., Hannam-dong),
Seoul, 04419, Republic of Korea
Phone: +82 2 79 05 344 | +82 2 79 05 345
Fax: +82 2 790 53 46

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