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Partners and Activities

The Main Focus of HSF Activities

German Experience of Division and Reunification - Implications for the Korean Peninsula

Tensions remain on the Korean Peninsula, causing Northeast Asia to be one of the most critical hot spots in the world. Thus, HSF Korea support the need to prepare and raise awareness for options of reconciliation in Korea. In this regard, the knowledge transfer of the political, economic, and social German experience of division and unification, as well as cooperation with various partners, play a central role.

Sustainable Development on the Korean Peninsula - International Cooperation for the Benefit of People and Nature

Bare and eroded mountain slopes and hills are characteristics of the landscape of North Korea. They reflect the hardships of the rural population and humanitarian disasters of the 1990s. Almost 40 percent of the country´s forest area has disappeared. In South Korea, economic development has damaged biodiversity and ecosystems. HSF Korea supports sustainable development with a focus on capacity-building. We aim to support the integration of North Korea into international environmental networks in order to promote a sustainable North Korean forestry sector.

Transboundary Nature Cooperation - Wetland Conservation and their Wise Use

Nature knows no man-made borders. This is evident when migratory birds cross the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea. While globalization has created many bridges, even among formerly hostile states, North Korea remains isolated. HSF Korea promotes exchange amongst representatives of international organizations and national governments. At the same time, HSF Korea supports training in North Korea and abroad, conferences, and practical environment surveys to improve the expertise of decision-makers.

Main Project Partners: