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Study Trip
Wadden Sea Study Trip

From October 20th to 27th, the “Wadden Sea Study Trip” was conducted in the Wadden Sea areas of Germany, Denmark, and the Netherlands. Dr. Choi and Dr. Seliger from HSF Korea visited the Wadden Sea areas with experts and researchers from Incheon Green Union, Eco Korea, Yeoncheon Birds Korea and EAAFP.

With this study trip, HSF Korea, and their partner organizations for this project, including East Asian-Australasian Flyway Partnership (EAAFP), Wetlands International, and WWF Germany, aimed to enhance multilateral cooperation related to SDG 13 (Climate Change), SDG 14 (Marine Ecosystem, Life Below Water), and SDG 17 (Partnership). Furthermore, to strengthen cooperation and achieve more sustainable inter-Korean cooperation at global, regional, national, and local levels, HSF Korea organized the Wadden Sea Study trip with experts who work along the Korean border region and international organizations.


Overall, the participants visited the Danish Wadden Sea National Park, the National Park Wattenmeer, Wetlands International, and the Zwillbrock Biological Station and were able to daily discuss specific objectives related to trilateral cooperation and ecological management along the Wadden Sea to apply to the West/Yellow Sea region. By meeting experts, information exchange, and engaging in successful workshops, the delegation is confident that it helped in further discussions in the future plan on how South Korea, and North Korea, could work together through bilateral and multilateral cooperation – the main goal of HSF Korea on the Korean Peninsula and in Northeast Asia based on Wadden Sea’s cases.


The outcomes of this study trip will be shared at our next projects, the German Korean conference with the German embassy in Seoul on the 17th of November and our flyway conference with EAAFP on November 23rd. Also, the German newspaper published two articles about the visit to Zwillbrock Biological Station to discuss nature conservation, including the cooperation that had begun on cross-border rewetting in the Aamsveen/Hündfelder Moor area. Please find the full articles via the links below:

South Korean conservation delegation visits BS Zwillbrock

South Korean nature conservation delegation impressed by German-Dutch