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Special Lecture
The Work of Hanns Seidel Foundation in Korea

On October 14, Dr Bernhard Seliger, representative of Hanns Seidel Foundation Korea, gave a lecture on the work of HSF in South and North Korea at the Department of German Language Studies of Incheon University. The course under the direction of Prof. Michael Menke is known for its mixture of interesting guest lectures and excursions with the students.

Dr Seliger presented the projects on sustainable development of the inner-Korean border region, reunification, reforestation in North Korea and biodiversity in North and South Korea and also answered the students' questions. Among other things, HSF Korea contributes to the conservation efforts of wetlands in the inter-Korean border area where it specializes in capacity building, education and awareness raising, especially regarding the conservation and generally wise use of wetlands. In order to successfully doing so in the entire inter-Korean border area, the work of HSF Korea also takes place in the form of international works abroad or in North Korea where HSF sees a chance to (further) promote an integration of the DPRK into international environment networks.


In the case of North Korea, HSF Korea is continuously stressing the importance of supporting reforestation, preserving wetlands and protecting endangered bird species. As a result of deforestation, large parts of forests in North Korea are degraded which made the country vulnerable for natural disasters. Thus, in terms of ongoing international environmental cooperation, HSF Korea’s goal is the reintegration of North Korea into international networks and an increasing exchange with international organizations. Such cooperation shall contribute to the modernization of the forestry sector on an institutional and professional level and create benefits for a healthy environment and the livelihood of the rural population in North Korea.