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Publications in December

In December 2021, HSF Korea once more published numerous contributions examining interesting topics.

Impact of the COVID-19 on German Agricultural Systems

On December 1, Dr. Bernhard Seliger, Dr. Hyun-Ah Choi, and Ms. Veronica Eichinger from the Hanns Seidel Foundation (HSF) published the peer-reviewed research paper in the Journal of European Union Studies. Their research discussed the “Impact of the COVID-19 on German Agricultural Systems”. You can have a look at the research here.


Exploring the North Korean Hanok with photos

Gyeonggi-do Office and GyeongGi Cultural Foundation published a photo book with the title of “Kaesong Hanok – Exploring the North Korean Hanok with photos”. HSF Korea contributed to this volume. A Hanok is a traditional Korean house. The unique architecture can be found in South Korea but can also be found in many parts of North Korea. Have a look at the photo book and explore the North Korean Hanok!


Bird Survey

Dr. Bernhard Seliger reported the outcomes of a bird survey conducted in Siam Wetland and Hangang Estuary around Yu islet by Dr. Bernhard Seliger, Dr. Choi Hyun-Ah, and Amelie Schweiger from HSF Korea on December 20. He shared the biodiversity news in a blog post in the Birds Korea Blog on December 21. Have a look here.


(Photo Credit: YTN)

(Photo Credit: YTN)

The Han River Estuary's role as a means to peace

On December 26, YTN released a 20-minute documentary of the Han River Estuary's role as a connector between South and North Korea for peace on the Korean Peninsula. In this documentary, Dr. Bernhard Seliger, Representative of HSF Korea, provided a thoughtful analysis of the political situation on the Korean Peninsula. He suggested using the Han River Estuary as a means to pave the way for peaceful non-political exchange between ROK and DPRK. You can watch the documentary in Korean here.