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North Korean Scholarship Holders visit HSF Headquarters

Hanns-Seidel-Foundation supports two North Korean students of the Eberswalde University of Sustainable Development (HNEE) through its scholarship program and recently invited them to visit the headquarters in Munich.

This month the two North Korean scholarship holders visited the HSF headquarters in Munich and met among others Dr. Susanne Luther, Head of the Institute for International Cooperation, Mr. Alexander Ganepola, Project Coordinator for the locations Korea and Mongolia, and Mr. Felix Glenk, former Project Manager of HSF Korea, who will represent the office in Mongolia in the future.


The two scholarship holders and the HSF staff visited the forestry experimental garden Grafrath together and the students also shared experiences and impressions of their time at HNEE with Dr. Jutta Möhringer, head of the Institute for the Promotion of Gifted Students at HSF.


The HSF scholarship program is designed to provide both individual and long-term support. The alumni are to be given the opportunity to expand already existing contacts, to conduct an international exchange of views and to carry out joint projects.