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Journal of Economic Integration (Vol. 33 No. 4) published

The Journal of Economic Integration is a leading international journal on the impact of politics and globalization on economic integration. The journal, now in its 33rd year of publication, is based on the assumption that economic integration is multidimensional and covers all areas of economics. Its aim is to offer relevant strategic implications for the ongoing globalization process.

Table of Contents


The current issue Vol. 33 No.3 contains the following articles:

  • Business Cycle Synchronization and Core-Periphery Patterns in the East African Community: A Wavelet Approach 
  • How Do Technical Barriers to Trade Affect Exports? Evidence from Egyptian Firm-Level Data
  • Optimal Capital Taxation Rates and Tax Competition in Open Economy 
  • Globalization and Exchange Rate Pass-Through in Europe: Is There a Link? 
  • Is there a Nonzero Stable Component in the Eurozone External Balance?
  • Currency Crisis Transmission Through Trade Channel: Asian and Mexican Crises Revisited 
  • Monetary Integration, Money Demand Stability and the Role of Monetary Overhang in Forecasting Inflation in CEE Countries 

The journal is published by the Center for Economic Integration of Sejong University in Seoul. Dr. Bernhard Seliger of Hanns Seidel Foundation Korea is a member of the editorial board.