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Hanns Seidel Foundation’s Work – Protection of Wetlands

In celebration of World Wetland Day on February 2nd, Hanns Seidel Foundation (HSF) Korea introduces our representative works. In 2019 and 2020, the foundation has participated and hosted a number of seminars and projects as well as contributing to writing articles and journals regarding the protection of wetlands on the Korean Peninsula.

In order to engage with North Korea from an environmental perspective, HSF Korea has worked on preserving the wetlands on the Korean Peninsula. HSF Korea has reached various wetlands for conservation in both Koreas including Mundok, Rason, Kumya, Baekryeongdo, Han River Estuary, Goseong, Suncheon, Saemangeum, and Hwaseong.  


Articles and Field Research

HSF Korea has gone on field trips to Baekryeong Island, Gimpo City, Suncheon Bay and Goseong County for research on endangered birds in wetlands. The foundation also went on bird surveys in Lake Tongchon and Kumya and waterbird monitoring at Mundok Migratory Bird Reserve in North Korea. In terms of publication, the foundation supported the publishing of an information booklet about bird species in the DPRK by the Ministry of Land and Environmental Protection (MoLEP) and the EAAFP.


Projects and Conferences

Before the spread of COVID-19 restricted all travels, HSF Korea had opportunities to travel to North Korea to actively engage with North Koreans to spread the importance of preserving the wetlands. In 2019, we participated in the Swan Goose Festival and the following training workshop on wetland management. The foundation also took part in numerous conferences, like the ‘National Workshop on Conservation and Wise Use of Wetlands in the DPR Korea’ in Pyongyang, organized by the MoLEP. During the COVID-19 crisis, HSF Korea sponsored online forums such as the 2020 Hwaseong Wetlands Symposium.


Prior to 2019, HSF Korea has worked on a DPRK Wetland Project ‘Conservation and Rational Use of Wetlands in the DPRK,’ where the foundation contributed to reintegrating North Korea into international environment networks. You can find more about the project here.



You can read about most recent events and projects of HSF Korea regarding the protection of wetlands in the links below.


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