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Mundok Migratory Bird Reserve – Wetland on the West Coast of Korea

To celebrate the "World Migratory Bird Day", the Ministry of Land and Environment Protection published a photo book called “Mundok Migratory Bird Reserve – Wetland on the West Coast of Korea” with the help of the HSF.

Mundok Migratory Bird Reserve has been designated as the first Ramsar Site of international importance when North Korea acceded the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands in 2018. The wetland at the Chonchonggang Estuary on the West Coast of Korea, located at the border between Pyongannam-do and Pyongan-bukdo, hosts more than 50 000 waterbirds every migrating season in spring and autumn when migratory birds are on their migrating route along the East Asian – Australasian Flyway Partnership. The site has also become into the spotlight of the international audience as effective conservation along the flyway is only possible if migratory birds and their habitat are protected at all stages of migration, from Russia and Alaska, via Mongolia, China, South Korea and Japan to places as far as Australia and New Zealand. The Hanns Seidel Foundation and a wide variety of international partners from countries along the EAAF have supported the project with an aim to integrate North Korea into the international conservation efforts, but also with the aim to raise awareness nationally and internationally for the biodiversity in North Korea. Exchange and dialogue can lead to mutual trust and set a basement for more cooperation in the future.



On occasion of the World Migratory Bird Day on 13 October 2019 when the Ministry of Land and Environment Protection (MoLWP) and several international partners celebrated the day and its meaning at Mundok MBR, MoLEP also officially published the illustrate photo book “Mundok Migratory Bird Reserve – Wetland on the West Coast of Korea”. On 51 pages the publication depicts photos introducing the site and text boxes that explain the habitat, its ecological value and functioning. HSF Korea has partly supported the publication.