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Special Lecture on Lessons of German Reunification at Halla University in Gangwon State

On November 9, HSF representative Dr. Bernhard Seliger held a special lecture on the lessons of Germany’s reunification at the Gangwon Unification Education Center in Wonju. He gave insights into the topic of German reunification, with a focus on the development of economic disparities between East and West Germany.

At the invitation of Prof. Kwang-ho Park from the Halla University Gangwon Unification Education Center, HSF representative Dr. Bernhard Seliger visited the Halla University in Wonju. The University has become the hub of unification education in the Gangwon State, a state divided by the inter-Korean border.


In a special lecture, Dr. Seliger explained Germany’s process of unification with a focus on differences in economic development and the steps the new German state took to address them.

Dr. Seliger pointed out that although Germany and Korea share the historical experience of national division, their cases are not perfectly comparable, and that it is important to also look at Germany’s long-term effort to reduce economic disparities.

The German case can offer Korea valuable insights into what reunification entails and suggestions on how Korea can prepare for it. Following the lecture, Dr. Seliger answered questions from students of Halla University concerning the German as well as the Korean reunification.