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Create Forests not Rockets

The New Forest Korea Symposium, organized by Korea Forest Service was held in Seoul on 16 January 2019. It was an opportunity for participants to share information on the issue of inter-Korean forest cooperation and discuss how to support and cooperate for forest restoration in DPR Korea.

During the Event

Prime Minister Lee, Nak-Yon gave an opening remark and he suggested the North Korea delegation’s participation to the 15th World Forestry Congress hosted by RO Korea in 2021. The invited speakers and participants agreed the importance of forest in Korean Peninsula – especially in the north of the Peninsula.
Dr Bernhard Seliger, Representative of Hanns Seidel Foundation Korea and Dr Choi, Hyun-Ah, Senior researcher also attended the symposium and shared idea with participants.

Final Stages of the Event

Beginning in 2014 until 2018, the EU (European Union) funded a project for the improvement of rural living conditions through healthy forests through the establishment of a “Training Centre for Sustainable Forestry”. This project was implemented by the HSF and the FMRI (Forest Management Research Institute). Early last year the project was successfully finished. With this background the symposium was a perfect opportunity to learn more about the ongoing development and other’s opinions on this specific topic.For more information, please refer to our website.