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HSF Korea’s Contribution to KORUM 2023 Second Edition

In the 2023 Second Edition (No.95) of KORUM, published by the Korean-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KGCCI), Dr. Bernhard Seliger, representative of HSF Korea, contributed his greetings and an article on the occasion of the celebration for 140 Years of Korean-German Partnership.

In his greetings, Dr. Seliger reflects on the 140-year history of diplomatic ties between Germany and Korea, marked by both nations overcoming challenges like wars, dictatorships, and poverty. It highlights the role of the German-Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry in fostering economic relations and expresses hope for continued strong relations, peaceful unification of the Korean Peninsula, and fruitful economic, political, and cultural ties in the future.


The article marks the 140th anniversary of Korea-Germany relations, which began with the 1883 "German-Korean Treaty of Trade, Friendship, and Navigation." Despite historical challenges, both nations maintained friendly ties, with diplomatic relations officially established in the mid-20th century. Germany's economic aid played a crucial role in South Korea's "economic miracle on the Han River," and guest worker programs helped Germany address labor shortages. Cultural exchange thrived, with the German language becoming popular in Korea. Finally, Dr. Seliger suggests a need for greater youth exchange and partnership initiatives to deepen this enduring friendship.


KORUM Magazine is a quarterly publication of AHK Korea that provides information on Korea's economy, markets, companies, technologies, as well as tax, legal or intercultural topics. You can visit the AHK Korea website here and access the full article in English here.