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39th Korean Unification Forum

On Friday, September 1st 2023, the 39th Korean Unification Forum, organized by the Institute for Peace Studies (IPA) in cooperation with the Hanns Seidel Foundation Korea, took place, where the results of the recent trilateral summit at Camp David, as well as North Korea’s foreign policy were discussed.

The former German ambassador to North Korea, Thomas Schäfer, highlighted Germany’s and EU’s policy of critical engagement and offers towards North Korea and advised it should be continued. He further underlined the importance of cooperation with China on this topic and urged the international community to try to resume the dialogue with Pyongyang.

After the presentations of the panelists, a short Q&A session took place, thus giving the participants the opportunity to ask their own questions concerning the topics at hand. With closing remarks by Prof. Dr. Bernhard Seliger, representative of Hanns Seidel Foundation Korea the forum concluded.