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21st German-Korean Forum in Busan: Strengthening Bilateral Relations

The 21st German-Korean Forum in Busan marked a significant milestone in the 140-year-long bilateral relationship between Germany and Korea.

The forum, which has been a cornerstone of diplomatic, political, business, cultural, and civil society engagement between the two nations, alternates between the two countries. This year, Busan, Korea's second-largest city and a picturesque harbor city, had the honor of hosting the event, showcasing its potential as a future host for the 2030 World Expo.


The opening evening, hosted by Ahn Sung-Min, the Chairman of the City Council of Busan, set the stage for two days of productive discussions aimed at further enhancing bilateral relations. Participants eagerly anticipated the opportunity to engage in intensive and fruitful conversations on various topics, including the evolving geopolitical landscape, energy, climate, demographic challenges, education, and more.

Hanns Seidel Foundation was pleased to attend this event and reconnect with old friends in the German-Korean relations community. The forum provided an invaluable opportunity for the foundation to continue its mission of fostering dialogue, understanding, and collaboration between the two countries.