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First Swan Goose Festival in North Korea

At the time of World Migratory Bird Day, our Partner in The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea held their first Swan Goose Festival on 13th October at Mundok Migratory Bird Reserve (EAAFP Flyway Network Site and Ramsar Site), to join the global celebration of the amazing journey of migratory waterbirds. On this topic the Hanns Seidel Foundation Korea has edited a highlight video.

The Swan Goose Festival was organized by the Ministry of Land and Environmental Protection (MoLEP), co-organized by the East Asian-Australasian Flyway Partnership (EAAFP) Secretariat, Hanns Seidel Foundation, WWF Hong Kong and Hong Kong Bird Watching Society. After the opening ceremony on October the 13th, a photo exhibition about the birds of the Mundok Reserve was shown and participants had the opportunity to watch thousands of swan geese and other migratory waterbirds on the tidal flats. From the 14th to 16th of October a training workshop was conducted to train managers from North Korean bird reserves and local teachers. From the 14th to the 18th of October a there was a joint survey by researchers of the MoLEP, Academy of Science of Korea, Hanns Seidel Foundation, WWF Hong Kong and Hong Kong Bird Watching Society.

The best moments of the festival, the workshop and the survey can be seen in the highlight video.

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