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Memorial of Unification
The Berlin Wall in Gangwon-do

The start of the building of the Berlin wall on August 13, 1961, will forever be in the memory of Germany, Europe and the world. The wall, euphemistically called “anti-fascist protection wall,” was indeed a prison wall and the most visible sign of the sad history of German division. Today, Germans are thankful that the wall disappeared – or, is used as a memorial. Now two pieces of the Berlin Wall arrived at the DMZ in Korea

Two Pieces of the Berlin Wall


In Korea, we work since many years with the Gangwon DMZ museum in Goseong county. Situated in the Civilian Control Zone almost directly beside the Unification observatory at the DMZ, the museum has an excellent show of the tragic history of division of the country, but also the hope for peace and unification and the importance of the DMZ as a life zone for rare species of plants and animals in Korea.

a Close Shot of One Piece of the Berlin Wall


To deepen the understanding of division, also special exhibits on the German division and German border are included. Last week, with the organizational help of Hanns-Seidel-Foundation Korea, two pieces of the original Berlin wall arrived in Goseong, where the Gangwon DMZ museum will exhibit them to remember the history of German division and unification – a memorial for the hope of Korea for its own unification in freedom and peace.

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