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North Korea and the World Climate Conference

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) is the world's central climate treaty, designed to prevent the climate system from becoming even more unbalanced and to stop global warming or at least slow it down. Over 2000 international organisations and 197 countries are now members of the UNFCCC, including the DPRK.

United Nations Climate Change Conference 2018

In the past 30 years, North Koreas natural resources degraded due to the difficult economic situation. However, this has become increasingly clear to them in recent years, and since then the country has been investing more actively in environmental protection. The integration into the UNFCCC is an important step for international cooperation with North Korea and has opened up new opportunities for joint projects.

Representatives of the DPRK should therefore be present at the climate summit in Katowice, Poland, in December 2018. And indeed, three delegates from North Korea, led by Ms Ri Kyong Sim, Ministry of Land and Environment, were able to attend this year's conference both through an invitation from the UNFCCC and through the support of the HSS. In order to get a better impression of the climate summit, the representatives from North Korea, accompanied by Mrs. Eichinger, project coordinator for Korea at the headquarters of the HSS in Munich, took part not only in the central events in the plenary hall, but also in specially and thematically selected smaller workshops.

The outcome of the climate summit was received with great interest worldwide, especially after the dubious outcome of the last climate summit in Paris, where the USA withdrew from the agreement. But the result in 2018 is impressive: a rulebook that formulates the contents of the Paris Agreement of 2015 in a binding manner and thus hopefully contributes further to climate protection.