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Commemorating Suncheonman Bay’s recognition as a World Heritage Site

On August 31st 2021 the commemorative webinar for the recognition of Suncheonman Bay as a World Heritage Site was held in the Suncheon International Wetland Center. Through this event, experts from different fields could discuss the future preservation of the Suncheonman Tidal flats.

Suncheonman Bay has always been a hotspot for biodiversity and human activities. The once extremely polluted area of the Suncheon tidal flats, filled with mounds of garbage, has been cleaned and transformed into a beautiful, healthy, and plentiful ecosystem on which people and animals can rely on for food and as a resting place. The online seminar held on the 31st of August 2021 is commemorating the recognition of the tidal flats of Suncheonman Bay as a World Heritage site. After a brief introduction by the moderator Se-hwan Mo, representative of the regional community activation center, Mr. Seok Heo, mayor of Suncheon, Mr. Yu-In Heo, Chairman of Suncheon City Council and Mr. Doug Watkins, Chief Executive of the EAAFP secretariat, thanked the people behind the 30 years of conservation efforts made for the preservation of Suncheonman Bay and welcomed the audience to the event. 


The Seminar was divided into an introduction session into the subject by two experts, two presentation sessions, where 6 different experts on the fields of biology and biodiversity, bio-engineering and preservation explained the importance, history and future strategies for the Suncheonman tidal flats and finally a discussion session, in which 5 different representatives of either Suncheon village councils, education institutes and organizations that were greatly involved in the preservation of Suncheonman Bay discussed future measures for protection, management and sustainable use of the newly recognized World Heritage Site for the future.