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Forestry Cooperation in Northeast Asia – Traineeship in Mongolia

Since October 2015, Hanns Seidel Foundation Korea is carrying out a project on sustainable reforestation in North Korea. The project is funded by the European Union and has a focus on capacity building, institutional strengthening and the extension of the scientific network of the North Korean forestry sector. Thus, four study tours to China and Mongolia took place during the project. As a result, a traineeship for two researcher of the Forest Management Research Institute of North Korea was organized in Mongolia.

Participants of the Workshop

Two trainees were educated at local and international organizations in Mongolia, among others, the Gesellschaft für Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), the Mongolian Ministry of Tourism and Environment and the Forest Resource Development Centre (FRDC). While the training focused on the National Forest Inventory that is currently implemented in Mongolia, insight knowledge about the Mongolian forestry sector, and expertise about a wide variety of topics was shared with the trainees. Theoretical lectures at GIZ Mongolia were extended by practical field visits to projects dealing with soil carbon estimations, sustainable forest management and the system of forest user groups. The traineeship serves as an example how contacts that were established during two field visits to Mongolia now lead to an expansion of the forestry cooperation of Mongolia and North Korea.

At the end of the traineeship, representatives of HSF Korea visited Mongolia for a Monitoring Workshop with the trainees. Organizations that were involved in the activity assessed the outcome and future possibility for further exchanges.