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Activities in March

In March, the team of HSF had variety of activities and met different people. All activities are focused on peace, development, and environmental protection.

Roundtable -Value of Tidal Flat and Conservation Strategy in the Incheon Coastal Area

Songdo tidal flat is designated as Ramsar site in 2014 and EAAF site in 2019. The area is an especially important site and there is a social consensus for the protection of the area. However, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport of Incheon City, and Ansan City are planning to build a second ring road plan through the protected Songdo tidal flat to solve the traffic problems. On 17 March 2021 Songdo Wetland Protected Area and Ramsar Wetland Conservation Committee organized a roundtable to protect the Songdo Ramsar site. Dr Hyun-Ah Choi, Senior Researcher at HSF Korea, participated in the roundtable as an invited speaker. She shared her research about conservation activities at the west/yellow sea and a strategy and management plan for the Mia Po Ramsar site.


Meeting with Dr PARK Oh-Jin

On 18 March 2021 Dr Park, Chief Marketing Officer of Lignum visited to HSF Korea and met Dr. Bernhard Seliger, Representative of HSF Korea, and Dr. Hyun-Ah Choi, Senior Researcher at HSF Korea, to share the information and discuss future cooperation. Lignum is developing technology to produce bioplastic materials to create a sustainable ecosystem for a low-carbon bioeconomy. During the meeting Dr. Seliger explained environment projects included sustainable forest and wise use of wetland on the Korean Peninsula.


Dr. Seliger’s Interview on the Korean Council for Reconciliation and Cooperation Bimonthly Journal No. 109

Dr. Seliger’s interview on the status quo and the solution to peace on the Korean Peninsula was published on the Korean Council for Reconciliation and Cooperation (KCRC) Bimonthly Journal No. 109. With the inauguration of the Biden Government in 2021, discussions taking place on new policy on North Korea. Dr. Seliger proposed long-term approaches to the final goal of reconciliation and unification and suggested the beginning of reconciliation based on the opening of South Korea. He also stated that “It is a time to move forward, and I hope the peace on the Korean Peninsula will also come without waiting too long.”

The full interview can be found here.

HSF Korea’s Contribution to KORUM No.87

In the 1st Quarter (No.87) of KORUM published by the Korean-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KGCCI), Dr. Bernhard Seliger, representative of HSF Korea, contributed an article about the new generation in North Korea and how North Korean society change by youth. The KORUM magazine is a quarterly publication of the KGCCI providing information on Korea's economy, markets, companies, technologies as well as on tax, legal or intercultural topics. You can visit the KGCCI website here and the whole article can be accessed here.

In his article, Dr.Seliger notes that the North Korean young generation takes a huge part in their society start from the foundation. When by 2005, the worst of the famine was over and the social life began to stabilize, old elites afforded their children a wealthier life. They can afford to bring their children out to study abroad and cell phones and tablets are widespread among them. However, still in the countryside, the young generation has to help with farm work and still needs to participate the 10 years of military service. The young generation in North Korea grew up less isolated, with more ready information, however, they still believe that they are surrounded by enemies. Hence, it is more likely to consider peaceful relations with North Korea from abroad. If not, Dr. Seliger said “entrenchment with privileges for few and suffering for the many will likely be going on”.