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10 Questions to Dr. Bernhard Seliger

Dr. Bernhard Seliger, the representative of HSF Korea gave an interview for the Network Young Generation Germany - Korea (Netzwerk Junge Generation Deutschland - Korea) in which he answered 10 questions regarding the foundation and current events on the Korean peninsula.

Dr. Bernhard Seliger is the representative of HSF Korea since 2002. His work in the foundation includes the organization and coordination of various meetings and events which could bring South and North Korea closer together and promote mutual understanding. The creation of meeting possibilities for North and South Koreans, among others in the field of environmental protection, is another important goal of the foundation.

The questions were not only about the work of the foundation but included Dr. Seliger’s opinion on Korean or German facts as well as a discussion about the current world situation and events. Some questions discussed the Covid-19 and how Germany and Korea are handling the situation. He states that there are some differences between the two countries. Korea has reacted in a very organized way and has had no total shutdowns; however massive visa restrictions might harm the economy. Germany, on the other hand, may have put too much importance on the protection of private information which in the case of a pandemic should not be the most important issue.


At the end of the interview Dr. Seliger expresses his desire for better relations on the Korean Peninsula through more people-to-people contacts. Germany has proven to be a valuable partner for both South Korea and North Korea and could serve as an example for conflict resolution.

You can read the full interview here.