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Seminar series
Third and last seminar of the HSF Wind Energy Seminar Series

On November 17th, 2021, Mr. Reinhold Hill shared his experiences on how wind energy impacts biodiversity in the North Sea. This webinar was the third seminar of the online series on wind energy and concluded the seminar series successfully.

In the autumn of 2021, HSF Korea conducted a three-session online event series on "Wind Energy - Sustainability, Economic and Ecological Aspects". Prof. Dr. Manfred Fischedick started the series off in September, with a seminar on “Decarbonization of the energy system - what contribution must renewable energies and especially wind energy make from a global and national perspective”. Roman Rudnik then proceeded with his presentation on “Social aspects, siting, routing and financing of wind power plants” in October. After these two events had been completed successfully, Reinhold Hill, from Avitec Research, concluded the series with his talk on “Wind Power and Biodiversity - Experience with Offshore Wind Power and Biodiversity - Experience with Offshore Installations in the German North Sea”.


Mr. Hill focused his talk on the findings associated with birds and, briefly, referred to new discoveries of bat migratory activities that have been recorded in the offshore areas of the North Sea. In order to receive a wide range of information, the researchers used various methods of detection and measuring techniques so that the cumulated results offered a more thorough picture. The research proved several effects of wind power plant on bird species. However, Mr. Hill also pointed out strategies to mitigate these impacts on the biodiversity. While this research offered new insights, various questions remain unanswered, and more research needs to be conducted on the effects wind turbines may have on biodiversity. Mr. Hill supported his presentation with numerous illustrations and impressive data that explained all developments in thorough detail. The attendees of the meeting were able to ask questions and received valuable feedback on follow-up questions. All in all, the participants were grateful for the opportunity to get an insight into the specific effects offshore wind power plants have had so far on the biodiversity in the North Sea.


This presentation concluded the three-part series on “Wind Energy - Sustainability, Economic and Ecological Aspects”. We are grateful to all presenters who offered their valuable knowledge as part of our webinar and committed their time and efforts to this series. It was an interesting exchange and highly informative event that we joyfully hosted in collaboration with the German Embassy in Seoul.