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The Korean Journal of Unification Affairs

The Institute for Peace Affairs (IPA) just published the latter half of this year’s edition of “The Korean Journal of Unification Affairs”. In the journal, several scholars contributed articles in the context of unification affairs on the Korean Peninsula and offered their expertise on various topics.

In this volume of the “The Korean Journal of Unification Affairs”, several interesting topics in the context of unification work are discussed. Woo Gon Jeong, Jeongeun Ahn, Joohyun Kwon and Hyun-Ah Choi gave different insights into inter-Korean cooperation and its development. While Woo Gon Jeong focused on the past 50 years of the process and its current status, Jeongeun Ahn and Joohyun Kwon outlined peace cooperation and future tasks following third party intervention in the border region after the conflict by the example of Cyprus and Northern Ireland. Hyun-Ah Choi,  senior researcher at Hanns Seidel Foundation (HSF) Korea, also contributed an article to this Journal and provided valuable information with her article on “Direction of Inter-Korean Environmental Cooperation for Migratory Bird Habitats Conservation on the Korean West Sea”.


HanGyu Kim provided a different insight to unification affairs by giving his input on what the resumption of international travel amid the covid-19 pandemic implicates for North Korea. Eun-Min Kwon and Hyungkeun Oh also addressed in their contributions current circumstances for North Koreans. For this purpose, Eun-Min Kwon elaborated on the legal status of North Koreans. Hyungkeun Oh illustrated how the social adaption education for North Korean defectors could be improved.


Sunghae Kim, Ranhee Kim and Juhyeun Lee examined Korean journalism in relation to ‘fake news’ about North Korea. The Volume is concluded with Su-woo Kim and Sung-wook Nam’s article that presents their study in which they used Social Network Text Analysis to investigate the perception of U.S. forces in Pyeongtaek. The journal is available in Korean only.