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Publication of Contribution Articles and Journals

HSF Korea has strived to pursue a peaceful unification process on the Korean Peninsula and active communication with North Korea. With this in mind, the members of HSF Korea wrote relevant articles and journals on the topics of International Forest Cooperation, NGO Activities, and German unification.

Dr. Seliger’s Contribution Article on the Korea Society of Forest Policy Journal No. 68

Dr. Bernhard Seliger, the representative of HSF Korea, wrote a contribution article titled “International Forest Cooperation with North Korea - a German view in the
Korea Society of Forest Policy” on the Korea Society of Forest Policy Journal. He stated that “deforestation and afforestation are not only national challenges but global issues” and emphasized the devastating impact of deforestation, which can intensify climate change, soil erosion, etc.


You can check out the full article in No. 68 of the Korea Society of Forest Policy Journal.

More information about the Korea Society of Forest Policy can be found here (Korean Webpage).

Dr. Hyun Ah Choi’s Thesis Published in the Asiatic Research Journal Vol. 63 No.4

Dr. Hyun Ah Choi, senior researcher of HSF Korea, and fellow researcher Hye-Kyung Lee published a thesis in the Asiatic Research Journal under the topic of “Activities of International Non-governmental Organizations for Inclusive inter-Korean Cooperation: Focusing on German Political Foundations.” The content focuses on the role of ‘German Political Foundation (GPF)’ and its contribution to carry out “sustainable cooperation with North Korea” despite its small-scaled projects and low budget. HSF Korea is introduced in the journal as a GPF that shares the German experience of unification and supports North Korea in a non-political way, mostly dealing with environmental protection, education, and peaceful reconciliation process.


The full article can be found here (Korean, Abstract in English).

German Unification Contribution Article on Joongang Sunday

Dr. Seliger also contributed an article on Joongang Sunday regarding the impacts of German Unification after 30 years. He argued that Germany is still unable to shake off the past conflict after the dissolution of the Stasi (National Security Department) and the end of the dictatorship of the Socialist Unit Party of Germany (SED). He also described the role of the Federal Foundation for the Study of Communist Dictatorship in East Germany which “consulted the victims of SED dictatorship” and “take charge of eliminating communist dictatorship in Europe,” which he described as a “realization of symbolic justice.” Yet, “structural measures” lack in political conflict, and that all generations are responsible for the history and its liquidation. 


The full article of Joongang Sunday can be accessed here (Korean).  

North and South Korea Forest Cooperation Research Citation on Newsis

On January 3rd, Korean news media Newsis published an article regarding the analysis that the number of bare mountains in North Korea is decreasing. Dr. Hyun Ah Choi’s thesis was cited here, where she advised that “it is necessary to provide South Korea’s experience of success in greening the mountains in the 60s and the 70s through inter-Korean cooperation.” She further suggested that North Korea should resolve issues such as the use of firewood and illegal logging through forestry and agricultural management as well as REDD+ (carbon reduction method which focuses only on forests and prevents forest desulfurization).


The full article of Newsis can be seen here (Korean).