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[MIDAS] Value sharing partners, Korea and Germany

The August edition of the Midas (vol. 222) was published, including an article written by Dr. Bernhard Seliger, Representative of the Hanns Seidel Foundation Korea.

The article, written by Dr. Seliger made it clear that the visit of German Foreign Minister Tobias Lindner to South Korea in June this year expressed the foreign policy of the new German government, which attached great importance to the partnership. South Korea and Germany have similar economic and political positions and therefore aim for a concrete partnership between the European Union and Korea. For example, solutions to global problems such as security and climate change should be considered together through mutual coordination of opinions.


In addition, Dr. Seliger specifies the change in the foreign and international policies of Western countries, which have improved relations with their partners mainly through trade in the past, and that now alliances that share the same values within the political and economic order are increasingly gaining importance. In other words, Russia's invasion of Ukraine or China's pressure on Taiwan, which Europe and its allies no longer hint at improving relations through trade, has become an invalid guide to safe international politics. With this, Dr. Seliger describes that the correlation between politics and trade should be reduced and that peaceful trade relations with the affected countries such as Russia and China should be continued or expanded through the cooperation of alliances such as Germany and Korea.

For more information, visit the MIDAS magazine website to read the full article. The full text of the article can be found here.