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Important Meetings in March

HSF discussed future projects in the field of sustainable forest management and Aquaculture at various meetings. They are expected to improve the livelihoods of the Korean Peninsula while also contributing to environmental protection.

Meeting with National Institute of Forest Science (NIFoS)

On 24 March Dr Bernhard Seliger, Representative of HSF Korea and Dr CHOI Hyun-Ah, Senior researcher of HSF Korea had a meeting with Dr PARK Hyun, President of NIFoS and Dr KIM Myeong-Gil, Leader of international cooperation team to discuss cooperation plan in times of COVID-19. NIFoS is a national research institute under the Korea Forest Service and works for the development of forest science technology, healthy environment, and people’s wellbeing. HSF Korea and NIFoS have been working together for sustainable forest management on the Korean Peninsula. Dr. Seliger and Dr. Park discussed the cooperation plan and agreed to carry out more practical activities.

Meeting with Representatives of the Gyeongnam Provincial Government – Aquaculture and Options for Inner-Korean Exchange

On 29 March, a meeting with the Secretary of the Governor of Gyeongnam Province, Mr. LIM Jong Keum, took place at HSF Korea office to focus on aquaculture and how sustainable seafood production could improve the situation of livelihoods in North Korea. HSF Korea has been supporting projects on sustainable development and nature conservation in the inner-Korean border area, but also in North Korea. There, integrated projects that combine the improvements of livelihoods, with efforts to conserve ecosystems using sustainable agriculture and aquaculture techniques are most significant. The meeting was arranged by Mrs. PARK Sunyoung and Mr. KIM Kyungwon. both have been active in the environment movement in Korea for many years, and they are now also strongly involved in trainings for the certification of sustainable aquaculture. In 2019, HSF Korea jointly organized a delegation from North Korea visiting Hong Kong to introduce sustainable and certified seafood schemes. You can read more about it here: