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Meetings in October

Hanns Seidel Foundation Korea staff participated in many fruitful and interesting meetings with our partners in October

First experiences from "Life with Covid”

On 19 October, HSF had a meeting with Prof. Jung Kwangho, Dean of the Graduate School of Public Administration, Seoul National University, and his team to discuss cooperation, in particular a new workshop in the series on how to combat the Covid-19 pandemic. The next workshop will be in December and will look at experiences of "living with Covid" and exit strategies from the pandemic.


Mobilization of aid and food

The Covid-19 pandemic, together with sanctions and regularly occurring flooding is bringing North Korea to the brink of disaster. We are happy that on 19 October HSF met Marian Yun, representative of the World Food Programme in Korea, to discuss the humanitarian situation worldwide and in Northeast Asia. South Korea in recent years became an important donor of food aid and the WFP office in Seoul is working to mobilize funds for relief and food aid from here to all over the world.

Cooperation in the medical field

On October 22, Dr. Hoon Sang Lee, Co-Representative of Global Health and Development Partners (GHDP), visited the Hanns Seidel Foundation office to discuss possibilities of future cooperation. GHDP commits to improving the health of communities, in particular in impoverished countries. Amid the global Covid-19 crisis, exchanging expertise and knowledge in the field of medicine is crucial to build resilient health systems.

Possibilities of humanitarian aid for North Korea

Kim Young-Soo, project manager of Hanns-Seidel-Foundation Korea, met with former President of National Assembly Chung Ui-Hwa and the President of the Korean Red Cross, Shin, Hee Young and other experts on October 27 to discuss the possibilities of humanitarian aid for North Korea.


Meeting with the International Department of the City of Daegu

On 29 October, a meeting with Senior Officer Hoeran Kim of Daegu City International Department also took place. Daegu City has strong relations in Northeast Asia, among others with Ulan-Bator, Vladivostok, and Almaty, and has been very active in promoting East Asian integration on the subregional level, among others through the cities’ organization United Cities and Local Governments Association (UCLA) in the past.