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Korea Global Forum for Peace 2022

Dr. Bernhard Seliger was invited to this year's Korea Global Forum for Peace at the Millennium Hilton Hotel, Seoul, not only as a moderator but also as a participant in the "North Korea's Participation in International Environmental Institutions" panel.

The Korea Global Forum for Peace, 30.08.-01.09.2022, which was held at the Millennium Hilton Hotel in Seoul, was organized by the South Korean Ministry of Unification and offered researchers, NGOs, and government representatives the opportunity to discuss issues concerning North Korea and lasting peace on the Korean peninsula. Not only Dr. Seliger was attending to represent the Hanns Seidel Foundation, but also the project coordinators Jeongmin Khil and Rebecca Reinecke, as well as the intern Sabine Leykam visited various panels.


Dr. Seliger headed the "Inter-Korean Agricultural Cooperation for the Joint Prosperity in the Climate Crisis" panel as moderator. The presenters Taek Goo Kang and Hyuk Kim gave an introduction to their research on "Inter-Korean Environmental Cooperation for Co-response to Climate Risk" and "Trend and Situation of Agricultural Infrastructure Policy under the Kim Jong-un regime". In the following, the participants Tae Jin Kwon, Sang Jun Lee, and Dong Ho Jo had the chance to share their views and provide new perspectives for both presenters.


Within the panel "North Korea's Participation in International Environmental Institutions", chaired by Hee Kyoung Chang, Dr. Seliger then appeared as one of the three presenters.  He spoke about his experiences while working with the North Korean representatives, in particular the cooperation with the East Asian Australasian Flyway Partnership and the joint efforts in North Korea. Eric Ballbach's presentation covered North Korea's role in international cooperation and the strict separation between environmental projects and other, security-related international efforts. Sang Kuk Kim focused on multilateral cooperation in tidal flat projects. Here he also touched on the similarities and differences between the Wadden Sea and the Yellow Sea which is shared by China, South Korea, and North Korea. Afterward, Hye Son Do, EAAFP Programme Director, reported on her experiences as a South Korean working with North Korean partners in the environmental sector.