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Cooperation with the Incheon East Asia Global Education Institute

The Incheon East Asia Global Education Institute visited Hanns Seidel Foundation Korea’s office on June 23 to discuss future cooperation and develop their relations

Since 2021, the Incheon East Asia Global Education Institute (IEGI) and the Incheon Education Supervisor are trying to create a network of education experts within East Asia and globally, connect schools in the Incheon area with those in China, Japan, Russia, Southeast Asia etc. They carry out trainings for teachers and students on issues like peace, global mindsets, labor issues, environment and unification. For a long time, Hanns Seidel Foundation Korea has been working in the field of peace and unification studies. Among others, HSF Korea carried out a study trip for teachers of Incheon area to Germany and as a result, teachers founded a working group on civic education according to the German model, the “Beutelsbacher consensus”, an agreement to carry out civic education in a non-partisan, neutral way, to strengthen democracy without resorting to propaganda.

On June 23, IEGI visited the Hanns Seidel Foundation Korea office and both sides discussed cooperation in the future. IEGIs President Chung-Yeol Yoo explained that Incheon students need to develop a global mindset as “global citizens” to cope with challenges the whole world is facing, including environmental problems and peace. Dr. Seliger, representative of HSF Korea, explained ways to cooperate from the German side and German and European experience of peaceful cooperation after World War II. Both sides signed an agreement to further develop their relations in the future.

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