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Gochang Getbol Big Bird Race

On past the weekend, 26.08.-28.08.2022, the Hanns Seidel Foundation had the chance to participate in the Gochang Getbol Big Bird Race which was organized by the Cultural Heritage Administration of Gochang District.

Last weekend, 26-28.09.2022, the Gochang Getbol Big Bird Race, hosted by the Cultural Heritage Administration of Gochang District, took place in the southwest of the country. Besides the experienced birders Dr. Seliger and Dr. Choi, the birdwatching-freshmen project coordinator Jeongmin Khil and intern Sabine Leykam had the chance to participate in the competition.


After the team had already scouted out some of the places suggested by the organizers on Friday afternoon, the event officially started in the evening with an introductory lecture at Seonunsan Youth Hostel. There, the numerous participants learned more about the characteristics of the designated areas and where to find which bird species. There was also a chance to get to know the "opposing" teams. The participants ranged from parents with children to expert teams.


The day of the competition began at dawn for many teams, with the adjacent temple as the day's first stop, before they dispersed in all directions. In the late morning, the only joint activity of the day took place, and the competitors were able to visit Daejuk Island during low tide. The otherwise deserted island not only offered a variety of bird species, but also breathtaking views. The teams of the HSF and their partner organization EAAFP arranged to meet several times during the day in order to visit several of the spots together.


During the closing event and award ceremony on Sunday morning, not only the most successful teams were honored, but also a variety of other performances. The HSF for example received the prize for the best foreign team. But not only prizes were awarded. Doug Watkins, Chief Executive of the EAAFP, also announced that the area is now part of the Flyway Network Sites.