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Field Trip
Frog Ladders and Reforestation – Environmental Protection in the Border Area

The HSF went on a trip to the southern part of the divided Goseong County from March 25th to March 26th in order to check the developments of local nature preservation projects.

Frog Ladders in Songjeong-Ri

On the first day the HSF-Team met Mr. Young Choi, member of Seoul KFEM, Mr. Young-Kook Byun and Mr. Myeong-Gi Lee from Goesong County as well as, colleagues from the Environmental Citizen Group Sockcho, Yangyang, Goseong KFEM to exchange about the latest developments of the frog ladder project. In October, the HSF and the group had met for the first time and already installed some ladders. After a shared lunch, the group headed to the fields and in a joint effort there were 12 frog ladders installed.

The installation of frog ladders is necessary because of an increasing number of more or less deep concrete trenches, built to drain the water from rice fields in modern Korean agricultural landscapes. Frogs winter on hills and usually migrate to the rice fields in spring. The concrete trenches hinder many reptiles and mammals from migrating back and forth. Frogs and other affected species fall into these drains and do not have any chance to get out again. This has a disastrous effect on the local frog population and a decline in the population has a negative effect on the whole ecosystem since frogs constitute an important part of the natural food chain and also on the rice yields that frogs naturally protect by eating bugs and snails.

Reforestation after Forest Fires

On the second day the HSF-Team visited an area which was particularly affected by the devastating forest fires in 2018 and 2019. About 250 hectares of forest have been destroyed during the blaze. The HSF supports reforestation through model reforestation in which a mixed forest is planted. On this day, the members of the HSF had a look at the development in the area and documented the current situation.

On both days, the HSS was able to work on concrete projects for environmental protection and biodiversity. The exchange with local activist was enriching and inspiring. Future projects in the region can only be successfully implemented with the support of local groups. HSS will continue to work for environmental protection in Goseong County and hopes for many supporters. If you want to learn more about the projects in Goseong County read the article about the last visit in the area or about the first frog ladders which were installed as a model project in February 2020.

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