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Promoting Cooperation: DMZ Peace Road and Goyang Advisory Group Meeting

On June 26th, Dr Hyun-Ah Choi, Senior researcher at HSF Korea, participated in the DMZ Peace Road and Goyang Advisory Group meeting related to cooperation between the two Koreas. The participants discussed the raising awareness programme for citizens and youth in Goyang City.

On June 26th, the DMZ Peace Road and Goyang Advisory Group meeting brought together stakeholders dedicated to enhancing cooperation between North and South Korea. Hosted in Goyang City, the event aimed to raise awareness among citizens and youth about the importance of inter-Korean dialogue and collaboration.


Participants engaged in discussions centered around strategic initiatives to foster understanding and promote peace across the Korean peninsula. Key topics included the development of educational programmes tailored to enhance civic engagement and bridge cultural divides.


The meeting provided a platform for local leaders, activists, and educators to exchange ideas on effective community outreach strategies. Emphasis was placed on initiatives to build trust and mutual understanding between divided communities.


Among the attendees was Dr. Hyun-Ah Choi, Senior Researcher at HSF Korea, who participated in the discussions. Her presence underscored the foundation’s commitment to supporting initiatives that contribute to regional stability and reconciliation.


The DMZ Peace Road initiative, part of broader efforts to promote peace-building activities, seeks to encourage dialogue and cooperation despite longstanding geopolitical tensions. By focusing on local-level engagement in Goyang City, participants explored practical steps to empower communities and foster an environment conducive to reconciliation.

As discussions continue, stakeholders continue their efforts to make a meaningful impact on inter-Korean relations. Events like the DMZ Peace Road and Goyang Advisory Group meeting serve as critical forums for advancing dialogue and laying the groundwork for lasting peace on the Korean peninsula.