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Events and Meetings in September

Throughout the month of September, HSF Korea actively engaged in meetings with local organizations, publications, and participation in activities regarding sustainable cooperation for inter-Korean development.

Meeting with PACSC Asia

On 15 September 2021, Dr. Roland Wilson and Ms. Goeun Baek from PACSC Asia at George Mason University Korea visited the HSF office in order to discuss a concrete future preparation for collaborative workshops and projects, based on conflict analysis and resolution approach towards the peace development on the Korean Peninsula. Holding a series of workshops with PACSC Asia in recent years, both HSF and PACSC Asia are willing to actively engage in cooperative activities in a sustainable manner. Throughout the meeting, each staff from both research organizations examined preparation for upcoming offsite workshop and conference based on the theme of International Cities of Peace and the Korean Studies Grant at the Academy of Korean Studies for future promotion of Korean element towards regional international societies.

Visits to Goseong on August 11-12, 2021 and September 3-4, 2021

A new article "Visits to Goseong on August 11-12, 2021 and September 3-4, 2021" written by Dr. Bernhard Seliger was published on the Birds Korea blog. For more details, please visit the link.


Environment protection at the inter-Korean border and in North Korea

In an article for #HSFsustainable on-site, Dr. Bernhard Seliger explains how and why the office in Korea supports environment protection in the demilitarized zone and in North Korea. He describes that cooperating in sustainable forestry and nature conservancy is a great possibility to improve living conditions for the local people, to minimize the damage from natural disasters as well as encouraging international networking. More specifically, the Korea Office of HSF works with NGOs and local administrations at the inter-Korean border to conduct surveys on environmental issues. Other main areas are sustainable forestry in Sangsori and the preservation of migratory birds in collaboration with EAAFP, IUCN, WWF and more. For more details, please visit the link (German Only).

Exchange of Views with Dr. Martin Henkelmann

On 16 September, there was an opportunity for an exchange of views with Dr. Martin Henkelmann, the President and CEO of the Korean-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry. All the best for working in this beautiful and interesting country!

Meeting with Korea Legislation Research Institute

Korea Legislation Research Institute (KLRI) regularly organizes the forum on Unification Law with experts from various field. Dr. Bernhard Seliger, the representative of HSF Korea, also presented environmental law in North Korea at the 15th Unification Law Forum in 2020. On 16 September, Dr. Ji Sung RYU and Dr. Won-Kyu JANG visited HSF Korea to discuss future cooperation. Dr. Seliger and Dr. Hyun-Ah Choi had a meeting and shared the idea. The meeting was exciting and opened up another perspective on unification law.

Siam Wetland and Hangang Estuary around Yudo islet, September 13, 2021

Biodiversity news article "Siam Wetland and Hangang Estuary around Yudo islet, September 13,2021"” was published by Dr. Bernhard Seliger on the Birds Korea blog. For more details, please visit the link.

2021 online Korea Peace Debate Competition (KPDC)

2021 online Korea Peace Debate Competition (KPDC) was held from 3 to 17 September to discuss a way to promote inter-Korean cooperation for social, cultural, and economic exchanges hosted by Kaeseong Industrial District Foundation and Korea Tourism Organization. On 17 September, Dr. Hyun-Ah Choi, senior researcher at Hanns Seidel Foundation Korea attended the final of KPDC as a panel of judges. The final of KPDC can be accessed through this link (Korean only).

New article in the “Maeil Kyongje”

A new article "Slut up" and the "Yeolyeora" (open up) was published in the "Maeil Kyongje". Inspired by the border monument in Lübeck, the monument wishing for peaceful reunification of Korea was recently erected in the Paju border area, a joint initiative by the Korean Institute for Peace and Cooperation (KIPCO) and Hanns Seidel Foundation Korea. For more details, please visit the link (Korean only).