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Three years after the 4.27 Panmunjom Declaration

On the occasion of the 3rd anniversary of 4.27 Panmunjom Declaration, the Hanns Seidel Foundation Korea organized some major works of HSF’s inter-Korean forest Cooperation.

Three years ago today, Moon Jae-In, President of Republic of Korea, and Kim Jong Un, Chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea had inter-Korean Summit at the “Peace House” at Panmunjom. During those years, Hanns Seidel Foundation Korea (HSF) continued the work of inter-Korean forest cooperation.


Unification, Biodiversity and North Korea

On the 4th of March, a delegation by Hans Seidel Foundation visited the border area in Goseong County to discuss future cooperation with different partners. The HSF delegation visited Goseong County to talk the environment department of Goseong Country. Local administration in South Korea exchange ideas and experiences with the experts or visit Germany to learn from the German history as a divided country. Furthermore, HSF Korea is cooperating with Goseong DMZ museum to raise the awareness about division and unification as well as biodiversity and environmental protection in both Koreas.

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Green Official Development Assistance in North Korea

On February 19, 2021, ‘The conference on Status and Prospects of the Green ODA of the Republic of Korea’ was held. The conference consisted of several sessions composed of speeches and presentations about global trends in green Official Development Assistance. Dr. Bernhard Seliger, the representative of HSF Korea, emphasized ‘great integration.’ He pointed out that North Korea has become one of the most isolated and disintegrated countries in the world for the reason that it had to self-isolate or was forced to by sanctions. He underlines the goal of reintegrating the North, at least in certain contexts of green policy regimes.

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Reforestation in the DPR Korea

Between 2014 and January 2018, HSF Korea launched a reforestation project in the DPRK funded by the EU. Two articles related to this project model site have been published in a North Korean forest research paper. Between 2014 and 2017, a project afforestation site in North Korean Sangseo-ri was implemented by HSF and partner organizations. Its main goal was the establishment of a self-sufficient structure that practices sustainable forest management in the DPRK and thus ultimately improves the living conditions of the local population, mainly by increasing food security

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Sustainable Reforestation in the DPR Korea- International Cooperation for the Benefit of People and Nature

Severe deforestation in North Korea has become a major concern and focus of HSF Korea’s work on the Korean Peninsula. The bare and eroded mountain slopes and hills display the hardship that especially the rural population suffers. HSF Korea supports sustainable reforestation with a focus on capacity building and has now released a factsheet to summarize challenges, approaches, and the impact of its activities in the field of sustainable reforestation in North Korea. One of the main goals of the joint forestry project is to strengthen international cooperation and to provide researchers and experts from the DPR Korea with access to modern methods in the forestry sector.

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