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Direction of Cooperation for Coexistence of the South-North Shared Rivers

On April 26, the 34th Korean Unification Forum hosted by the Institute for Peace Affairs (IPA) and the Hanns Sedel Foundation Korea (HSS) successfully. Jo Youngsik, Director of Water Resources Management Research & Planning Department, K-water, a partner of HSS, attended as a debater

This forum, as a continuation of ‘North Korea’s Wetland Conservation’ (32nd) and ‘Inter-Korean Veterinary Cooperation’ (33rd), adopts the topic of sustainable environment cooperation of the Korean Peninsula and aims to examine current conditions and problems of the South-North shared river management while shedding light on the direction of cooperation for future coexistence. The meeting was moderated by Namkung Eun, Professor at SNU, presentation was done by Cho Youngmoo, Researcher at the Department of Ecology & Environment, Gyeonggi Research Institute, and discussions by Jun Mansig, director of Unification and Northern Economy Research Center, Gangwon Research Institution, and Jo Youngsik, Director of Water Resources Management Research & Planning Department, K water.


In particular, substantial discussions were held on the lack of a cooperative management system between the two Koreas and the solution to protect residents’ right to live, which is threatened every year by the limitations of shared river management. Experts said the two Koreas should open the door to rigid inter-Korean cooperation and reconsider their win-win strategies. In addition, the need for integrated watershed management measures on the south’s Imjin River and the preparation for the worst-case scenario in which dialogue with the North Korean government was completely cut off were emphasized during the forum.

You can watch entire forum here again.