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Group meeting
The 35th Unification Korea Forum

On September 6, a group meeting was held in Jung-gu, Seoul, for the presentation of the Unification Korea Forum on the Yun Seok-yeol administration's North Korea policy initiative and the prospects for the situation on the Korean Peninsula.

The Group meeting of the 35th Korea Forum for Unification hosted by the Institute for Peace Affairs of Korea and supported by the Hanns Seidel Foundation was held in Seoul. At the meeting, Professor Won-Gon Park of the Department of North Korean Studies at Ewha Womans University presented the current inter-Korean political situation, the possibility of inter-Korean cooperation, and the outlook for the international situation. Experts had an opportunity to discuss, ask and answer questions. After the announcement of the Yun Seok-yeol administration's "Bold Initiative", the North Korean policy, inter-Korean cooperation has almost ceased due to North Korea's response to North Korea's overall nuclear policy and actions, provocations, and suspension of inter-Korean exchanges.


The strategy and cooperation of the United States, China, and South Korea on the denuclearization of North Korea was conceived as a new paradigm when the new government came to power, which in reality is an important starting point for understanding the reality of a divided country and setting goals in terms of politics and economy. The representative, Dr. Seliger, Kim Young-soo, and intern Eun Hyuk-bin of Hanns Seidel Foundation participated in this meeting and gave opinions on Germany’s unification and the reality of a divided country, the coexistence, and the value of acceptance for cooperation. The possibility of opening up North Korea through China was presented, and the division of roles between the government and the private sector was emphasized through discussion.