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Visiting the EAAFP and ESCAP

On July 25., the Hanns Seidel Foundation Korea met with its partners, EAAFP and ESCAP, at the G-Tower in Songdo to discuss future cooperation projects and to exchange common ideas and perspectives.

On July 25., HSF Korea met not only its partner organization, but also Ms. Anja Szczesinski, representing WWF Germany and the International Wadden Sea School, at the EAAFP office to discuss strategies for distributing information to visitors and representatives from government, environment, and business. Sustainable development in the Wadden Sea World Heritage Site and similar areas in North and South Korea were also discussed. The aim of the meeting was to learn more about the trilateral Wadden Sea conservation efforts of Denmark, Germany, and the Netherlands and to get inspiration for cooperation between Asian partners.

Ms. Szczesinski presented several results of the ongoing cooperation and reported on her experiences in the field of trilateral cooperation. She also shared some strategies for a successful passing on of important knowledge and information to interested visitors and decision-makers with the representatives of the HSF and the EAAFP. All participants agreed that publicizing and providing interesting educational material is crucial for the conservation of natural heritages and ecologically important places. Hanns-Seidel-Foundation's senior researcher Dr. Hyun-Ah Choi, project coordinator Jeongmin Khil, and intern Sabine Leykam attended the meeting.

Later on, HSF Korea met with ESCAP to exchange information about current and future projects and to discuss possibilities of mutual support. The meeting was also an opportunity to get to know the new staff members from both sides and to maintain personal contact after a long break.