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Asian Bird Fair and HSF activities

In November 2022, the Hanns Seidel Foundation, the East Asian-Australian Flyway Partnership, and the Asian Bird Fair organized a project under the theme of “Management of flyways of Asia – similarities, common challenges, overlap, and differences”. As part of that, on November 20th, the participants visited the Asian Bird Fair in Suncheon to network and exchange recent information between various international organizations in the field.

In the current climate crisis situation, observation and recording of biological indicator species are very important when evaluating climate environment changes and their potential effects. In particular, the conservation of surface species representing the ecological environment is a very important activity in response to the climate crisis, with interest in species that show a decreasing overall population on the migratory bird migration route. The purpose of this project is to explain the threat of one of the biggest challenges of climate change: the dramatic loss of biodiversity for instance through extinction. Since there are many natural overlaps of the migratory routes, both similarities and differences exist. This is the part where researchers who are active in protecting migratory routes can interact with each other. The project aims to bring together experts on major migratory routes in Central and East Asia to exchange experiences, thus fostering networks between migratory routes.


On November 20th, the participants of the project visited the Asian Bird Fair in the exhibition hall of the Suncheon Bay National Garden to network and exchange recent information from various international organizations in the field. Attending the exhibition was highly interesting for the participants’ community to network with other active members of the community, to exchange recently gained knowledge, get in touch with different bird species and learn about current bird issues in other Asian countries, and share approaches on potential prospective projects. In the evening, HSF and the participants of the flyway project also attended the ‘Asian Bird Fair friendship dinner’ which closed the 2022 Asian Bird Fair.

On the 21st of November, the project participants followed the schedule of the Asian Bird Fair ecotourism tour. In the morning, the bus departed for birdwatching at the Seonamsa Temple area where the participants ended the session with lunch in the Buddhist restaurant of the temple. After lunch, part of the participants further joined the ABF schedule to go birdwatching at the Suncheon Bay Natural Ecology Center where several bird species were able to be spotted.