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A Peak Into HSF’s Environmental Work

The Hanns Seidel Foundation Korea has several projects every year. In order to inform partners and those who are interested in the foundation's work, HSF Korea releases an annual booklet that summarizes all projects and events of the year. The booklet of 2018 was recently released.

HSF and EAAFP in Rason, March 2018


HSF Korea did numerous workshops and seminars about wetlands and its endangered birds, to secure the wetland areas in both the RoK and DPRK. As one result of this, for several years ongoing work, the DPRK became part of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands of International Importance ("Ramsar Convention"),  with the two wetlands Rason and Mundok verified  as "Ramsar Sites" (Wetlands of International Importance). Another very important  part of HSF's work was to support the DPRK on important environmental meetings, for example the World Climate Conference in Katowice, Poland and the ESP Asia conference 2018, where many different Asian countries discussed about environmental issues. Furthermore, HSF Korea has also been part of the 5th World Conference on Climate Change in London and talked about the environmental issues on the Korean Peninsula.

You can download the publication here or look at the slideshow down below.